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Is Andrew Tate Muslim?

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The 35-year-old internet sensation and former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate an American-British. Tate started selling premium memberships and courses through his website after retiring from kickboxing, and he eventually became well-known after switching to influencer marketing. Tate has been banned from multiple venues as a result of his misogynistic statements on social media.


Is Andrew Tate Muslim?


Tate, who gives $20,000 a month to the Romanian church, previously identified himself as an Orthodox Christian. Tate claimed in a YouTube video that "the church in Romania is really strong and I like having church friends, therefore I give them a lot of money."


Andrew Tate has applauded Islam and Muslim despite being a former Christian, claiming that it "solves most of the world's issues" and that he would be prepared to wager it will be the last religion to survive.


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Has Andrew Tate Converted to Islam?

On 24th of October, 2022, there was a circulation on social media platforms that Andrew Tate has converted to Islam. Ali Dawah posted on his youtube channel showing Andrew tate praying in a mosque in Dubai. But the Muslim communities are not convinced that he's a Muslim yet because he has not proclaim the shahadah. 

For someone to become a Muslim he or she has to proclaim the shahadah that is, bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger. 

On 24th of October, 2022, Andrew Tate has finally accepted and converts to Islam. He posted his conversion to Islam on his official webiste 

Therefore, controversial internet personality Andrew Tate is a Muslim.

Social Media Activities 

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, reality TV personality, and "orthodox Christian," has now been banned from the majority of social networking sites due to his virulently anti-feminist views. His impact among young men and teenagers has increased astronomically.


Tate responded to criticism by saying that his material has "many videos praising women" and mostly teaches his audience to stay away from "toxic and poor value people as a whole."


In addition, he said that he portrays a "comedic character" and insisted that people had been misinformed about him.



Andrew Tate’s Criminal Record


Tate claimed in a since-deleted YouTube video that one of the reasons he chose Romania was that there was a lower chance of him being subject to a rape investigation there.


After the U.S. embassy informed Romanian authorities that a woman from the United States might be imprisoned at the property, Tate's home was searched by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism of Romania.


The investigation was widened to include claims of rape and human trafficking after investigators discovered that a Romanian woman was being held at the location in addition to an American woman. The investigation, according to the Romanian authorities, is still ongoing. Tate claims he did nothing wrong.


  1. Why don't you actually watch his video where he was praising Islam BEFORE his conversion? The only reason he converted it because the extremist version of Islam conforms to his views. Simple. He was a misogynist and still is one. Here is a much better article:


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