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Thursday 21 September 2023

Is Luke Shaw Muslim? True or False

Luke Shaw was born on 12 July 1995 in Kingston upon Thames, England. At the young age of eight, he played for Chelsea’s development center team. As a child footballer, he grew up as an avid supporter of Chelsea FC and always dreamed about playing for his favorite club someday.


Shaw commenced his professional footballing career with Southampton Football Club back in 2012. He remained contracted to the club until 2014 when he was sold to Manchester United F.C., which at that time seemed like a dream come true.

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Is Luke Shaw Muslim?


Yes! Luke Shaw is a devout Muslim who has been celebrating his goals by making dua and also at the beginning of any match. He follows Islam for many years now. The Englishman who plays as a left-back for Manchester United and England is devoted to God.


Luke Shaw’s Teammates That are Muslim


The English left back is not the only Muslim player at Manchester United. Other Muslim players at Man United are French midfielder Paul Pogba and Ivorian attacker Amad Diallo.


Luke Shaw has been a follower of Islam for quite some time, and in 2017 he was pictured enjoying Ramadan alongside some other Muslim footballers. Shaw and other players including Adnan Januzaj and Bojan were seen celebrating Ramadan in Dubai in the aforementioned year. 

The pictures showed them dressed up religiously during this Islamic holiday. Even though Luke Shaw does not openly declare himself as a Muslim, there are many signs that show his interest in the religion.


  1. I didn't he is a Muslim. Well that's good for him.

  2. Welcome to Islam Luke Shaw. You are great soccer player.

  3. I myself have been studying for a while. One day I will take my shahada.


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