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How To Cure Masturbation Addiction In Islam

Masturbation is a forbidden act in Islam. Several verses in the Quran, Hadith as well as scholars of knowledge have invalidated such an immoral act. Below are verses from the Quran

"And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts). Except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, - for them, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors." Quran 23.5-7.

These verses above plainly forbid all unlawful sexual acts (including masturbation) apart from the wives or that their right hand possesses. And whoever goes further than that is the transgressor.

"And let those who find not the financial means for marriage keep themselves chaste, until Allah enriches them of His bounty." Quran 24:33

This verse also obviously commands whoever lacks financial means to marry to keep himself pure and be patient in tackling temptations awaiting Allah’s reward.

According to an authentic narration of The Prophet (peace be upon him):

Narrated 'Alqama: While I was walking with 'Abdullah he said, "We were in the company of the Prophet and he said, 'He who can afford to marry should marry, because it will help him refrain from looking at other women, and save his private parts from looking at other women, and save his private parts from committing illegal sexual relation; and he who cannot afford to marry is advised to fast, as fasting will diminish his sexual power." - Volume 3, Book 31, Number 129

The narration instructs men who are not capable to get married to fast regardless of the difficulty faced in doing so, and desist masturbate despite the comfort with which it can be done.

 In order to cure masturbation addiction, we at Muslimhowto compiled the following suggestions:

1. The intention to seek the cure of masturbation addiction should be entirely to obey Allah's command and fearing His punishment.

2. An everlasting and rapid cure from masturbation addiction is to marry as previously discussed in the above Hadith.

3. Actively engaging oneself with what is beneficial for this Duniya (world) and the akhira (hereafter) is indispensable in breaking this habit of masturbation before it turns you into something else.

4. Lowering the gaze will aid and kill the want of masturbation before it leads one to commit the sin. It’s obligatory on Muslim to lower their gaze based on the following below verses.

"Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things) and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is all-aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things) and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.)…" 

Quran 24 vs 30-31

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, "Beware! Avoid sitting on he roads (ways)." The people said, "There is no way out of it as these are our sitting places where we have talks." The Prophet said, "If you must sit there, then observe the rights of the way." They asked, "What are the rights of the way?" He said, "They are the lowering of your gazes (on seeing what is illegal to look at), refraining from harming people, returning greetings, advocating good and forbidding evil." 

- Volume 3, Book 43, Number 645

5. Manage your spare time in worshiping Allaah and increasing religious knowledge.

6. Shun the delusion that some people have that masturbation is allowed in Islam because it stops them from committing unlawful sexual intercourse or fornication.

7. Building one's determination and avoiding being alone most time as advised by the Prophet (Pbuh) when he said "Do not spend the night alone" Ahmad 6919.

8. Abide by the Prophets above-mentioned hadith and fast when possible, because fasting will calm a person sexual wishes and remain under control.

Though, one should not exaggerate and swear by Allah not to come back to masturbation because if one does not stick to ones promise, one would be dealing with the penalty of not living up to ones promise to Allah.

Moreover, be aware that taken drugs or pills to reduce one's sexual wish is prohibited in Islam since it may possibly or permanently have an effect on one's sexual ability.

9. Try hard to be patient, faithful, and diligence, Insha’Allaah, will guide one to achieving those qualities as second nature, as the Messenger of Allah (Pbuh) clarifies in the following hadith:

"Whoever seeks chastity Allaah will make him chaste, and whoever seeks help from none but Allaah, He will help him, and whoever is patient He will make it easy for him, and no one has ever been given anything better than patience." Bukhari:1469.

10. Regret and seek forgiveness from Allaah, doing good deeds, and do not despair of my mercy of Allah are all fundamental to curing masturbation addiction. Be reminded that giving up hope in Allah is a major sin in Allah.

11. Lastly, Allah is the Most Merciful and He always answers to whoever demands anything from Him. Hence, seeking Allah's pardon and pity will be accepted, by His will.

Allah knows best.

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