Sunday, 17 July 2022

Palestinian Woman, Hamidan, Becomes Mayor in Sweden


Tamam Abou Hamidan is just one of the millions of Palestinians who have been living in exile for over seventy years now. The bitterness they faced during their time in Palestine didn't stop them from achieving success after they were able to escape the suffering there.

Born and raised in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip, Tamam studied locally before getting a degree in Journalism from Al-Aqsa University where she later worked as an instructor until she was forced to flee due to the worsening conditions caused by Israel's blockade.

She ended up moving back home with her parents when they left for Blekinge County in southern Sweden where Tamam continued her career as an instructor there too; this time teaching Arabic instead.

Her story and experiences show us how no matter what people go through, they never give up on themselves or others around them because waiting can pay off if you are patient enough.


Andrea was lucky enough to find a job at a Pizza restaurant, which enabled her to get a residence permit. In 2016, she went on to work in the employment office of Blekinge County where her fluency in Swedish and other skills helped many immigrants enter the labor market.


Biography of Tamam Abou Hamidan

Abou announced that her work provides the inspiration and enthusiasm to keep striving for more goals. After earning a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organization from the University of Malmo, Abou joined the Social Democratic Party in Olofstrom, Blekinge County in 2015.

With many achievements under her belt—including being nominated to the Blekinge County Council, serving as Vice-Chair of the Municipal Council’s Education Committee, as well as being a member of province council—Abou eventually proved herself worthy enough to become Mayor after she was nominated by her party to lead this town in 2020.

Farah Abou Hamidan, a successful Palestinian woman who is currently running for the Swedish Parliament in September's election. She has overcome many challenges while managing to raise her two sons and function successfully as mayor of Örebro city council.


I am very happy and proud of what I have achieved, she says proudly. This shows how determined we are.

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