Sunday, 17 July 2022

Saudi Arabia Opens Airspace for Israel


JEDDAH - Planes coming from Israel can now fly over Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom opens airspace for all carriers. Previously, flights flying from Israeli could not use Saudi Arabian airspace.

Airplanes will be able to use Saudi Arabian airspace, and this has been received well by U.S Vice President Joe Biden who is visiting the country on Friday. In accordance with international law, Saudi Arabia's airspace is now open to all planes meeting their standards for flight passage.

This decision improves connections across the world which consolidates its position as a global hub connecting three continents (Europe- Asia- Africa).

Some routes go through Israeli aviation, where they had to bypass US airspace; these usually took longer and used more fuel than usual. US President Joe Biden hailed this decision as an important step towards building a more stable Middle East.


According to Reuters, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israeli airlines to fly over its territory en route from Tel Aviv and vice versa in order for Muslims to participate in the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage.

Furthermore, during Joe Biden's recent visit to Riyadh-the home of Islam-nothing was mentioned about future bilateral partnerships. Likewise, Israel has been hesitant to draw these links publicly.

Although there are no official ties between Israel and Dubai or Qatar at this time, Saudi Arabia allowed flights between the two nations starting next year through its own airspace.


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