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Sunday 17 December 2023

Is Yeat (rapper) Muslim?

Noah Olivier Smith popular known as Yeat is an American rapper born on February 26, 2000, to a Mexican father and Romanian mother according to Wikipedia.

A few months ago, Yeat made mentioned the name of “Allah” in one of his songs. And so many Muslims and non-Muslims are curious to know whether he’s a Muslim or not.

I will give an analysis to show whether Yeat is a Muslim or not.

1. He Doesn’t Have a Muslim Name


Noah Olivier Smith doesn’t sound like a Muslim (in fact it is not a Muslim name). There are a lot of rappers in the US who are Muslims in which they have Islamic names. 

At least we have seen the case of Pop Smoke (Bashar Barakah Jackson) had a Muslim name beforehe was killed.

This shows that Yeat doesn’t have a Muslim name that can justify He’s part of the ummah.


2. Mentioning Allah in a song doesn’t make the singer a Muslim


When does mentioning Allah’s name in music makes the singer a Muslim? Yeat made mentioned the name of Allah for reasons only known to him. May he’s considering accepting Islam or learning Islam.


3. Yeat Never Publicly says He’s Muslim


Matter of fact, there’s no proof (be it audio or video) that Yeat himself says he’s a Muslim. So, the conclusion is; Yeat is not a Muslim.

  1. He has a star crescent tattoo though.

    1. he puts a lot of islamic symbolism in his music too, album covers, lyrics, etc.


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