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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Ramadan Planner

Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims, not only that, but it is also a month of mercy, forgiveness, and an opportunity to renew your faith.  As a strong believing Muslim, it is best to start planning for Ramadan 2021 before it comes knocking.

I will be sharing with you tips on planning for Ramadan this 2021. These tips comprise daily Ramadan planning goals, which are available for you to print in hardcopy. These materials will help you plan your Ramadan in a simple and productive way.

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Below are the tips and printable materials o help you plan for Ramadan 2021:

1. Quran Memorization (Ramadan Planning)

For instance, if you want to memorize a particular surah, you can write it in your goal sheet. And after you might have read it, you can mark it as an accomplished goal for that particular day.   

2. Salat Tracker

This will help you track your salah, and also give you insight on whether you are improving your salah or not.

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3. Meal Plan for Suhoor and Iftar

This particular Ramadan planner will help you with the meal you will be preparing for suhoor and iftar for each day.

It is better if you listed all the food you will be cooking for the month of Ramadan. It will make it easier to navigate through meal plans far ahead before Ramadan.

4. Good Deed Of The Day

Every Good deed you do in the month of Ramadan is multiplied in abundance compared to other months.

It is be very productive to schedule some good deeds you will be performing during Ramadan 2021.

By doing this, Allah, is aware of your good plans. He will surely reward you abundantly for the good deeds you perform and the ones you didn’t perform.

We wish you the best Ramadan 2021. 

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