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How To Be A Strong Muslim

Striving to be a strong Muslim is a sign of being conscious of one’s deen. Sincerely, to be on the level of a strong Muslim you must possess some exceptional qualities in which will speak without telling people you are.

Let’s look at the qualities you must have to become a strong Muslim:

Learn & Understand Islam

One of the qualities of a good and strong Muslim is their understanding of Islam. You have to know what it means and be hungry to learn about Islam. You cannot claim to be a strong Muslim and being ignorant of what Islam entails. Study the fundamental and basic of Islam, emulate and know the five pillars of Islam, attribute of faith, pray tahajjud, and other prescribed act.

Frequently Perform Salat

Salah is the most important form of worship that a Muslim should perform frequently. You must be punctual towards salaah. Put asides irrelevant activities when the call to prayer is pronounced. This will help you become a stronger Muslim.

Be Patient

Patience is an excellence of the heart. The more tolerant you are the better person you become. An efficient way to be a strong Muslim is patience through the connection with our creator. Don’t lose that connection. Exercise patience for Allah’s sake and He won’t let you lose in your bleak moments.

Always Give Thanks to Allah

Always give thanks to Allah for closed chances in our lives. They are just as priceless as open chances. They educate us and direct us what’s not destined for us. As a result, we become a strong Muslim. Don’t think that Allah is withholding things from us. It’s always done with His flawless insight.

Don’t Listen To What People Say

Don’t pressure yourself over what people are saying about you. You can’t prevent them. They’ll say what they desire. But remember, they can’t put a stop to what Allah (swt) has decreed for you, no matter how hard they attempt. So take it easy and let them do their thing. Allah is All-Knowing.

Seek Allah’s For Help

When your heart is aching, you assume you’ve arrived the end of the road and you feel drain, be vigilant what you fill it with. Shaytan is an opportunist. He will unleash many immorality and evil thoughts; struggle to take him out. Turn to Allah. Seek His help. Only He can heal you.

Be Kind To People

Keep in mind; the ones who need kindness the most are the ones who are strangers to it. Their mind is stiff and cold; they’d usually have slight or no regard about how their words and actions influence others. Still, be kind to them since your actions replicate who you truly are.

Don’t let your dislike or hatred of someone direct you to be unjust, unkind or unfair towards him. Be cautious about what you speak concerning those you dislike. Show the most excellent character to save yourself from the consequences. Remember, what goes around comes around.

Don’t Worry About the Past

Don’t worry about what has happened in the past. Where you’re heading is more essential than where you’ve been. Look in advance with anticipate in the Mercy of Allah. That is what you require to see you through to become a strong Muslim. Keep going and don’t look back because you’re not repeating the past any longer.

Treat Your Parent Well

How you treat your parents says a lot concerning you as a person. It's highly imperative to treat your parents well (most especially your mother). Be conscious of how you behave towards them. Remember, they care for you when you're helpless when you came to this world. Your parents just want to see you do things they couldn’t do. Be the best child you can be.

Don’t Rely On People

We feel love when people trust in us and make us feel useful and precious. It’s a human characteristic to be. But the fact is, relying on people will only bring about regrets and disappointments. People will let you down. Remember, your value and identity worth comes from Allah (swt).

To be a strong Muslim you don’t wait for someone else’s commendation. The truth is you don’t need it. You have the reverberating support from Allah (swt). Work for His recognition rather than people’s ovation.

Don’t Let People Manipulate You

Don’t let people manipulate your mind, thoughts, feelings, opinion, and emotions or be in charge of how you think about yourself. No one should be permitted to do that. Your thoughts are your own. It’s the most powerful thing you have. Never give that control to someone else.

Have Hope In Allah

Always live in hope. Put in your mind that what lies ahead of you is so much bigger than what you’ve left behind. Believe in the goodness of Allah (swt) and you’ll see positive things resolve before your eyes. He will prove you stuff you’ve never imagined possible. Allah is the Originator of Miracles and Best of Planners. He can and He will.

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