Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Genuine Representative Faction of Islam

Perhaps you will ask about the faction of those now pretend Islam, is the genuine representative of Islam? (I say) with dogmatic final proof from the Quraan and Sunnah that this faction is the prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam, his companions, and to the followers of them up to the end of this life.

Our Lord Allah, Subahnahu Wa Taa'la, says in several verses, that we must follow the prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam. One of these verse, it's meaning translation would be like:

if you do love Allah, so follow me Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, for Allah is most forgiving most merciful* Say, Obey Allah and the messenger, but if they turn back (as refusing), Allah love not the infidels). Surat Al Imran- Verses : 31-32

Further, the Lord has ordered us, in several verses of his book, to follow the path of the companions in understanding the righteous path of what is meant by the verses of the Quraan and the prophet's Hadith. They are the best generation of this nation, they were faithful, sincere and lived with the prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam and knew every meaning from him directly…..

Islam differs from other religions in this aspect, that there are now really too many factions pretending Islam (They will reach, or have reached seventy three factions at the end as the prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam informed) but there is the real genuine one which is corresponding to the prophet's miracle; The Quraan, which includes verses impels on us to follow the prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam , and the companions' understanding as well.

The other religions; in particular the Jews and Nassara2, have also too many factions, but none of them has a proof that it represents the original which was nothing but Islam in it's wider meaning as stated in the verses of the Quraan.

Thus we can be surely confident that the contemporary forms of Judaism and Nassara are null and void (Since prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam was sent) by two primary proofs ;

• They contradict with the miracle of the Quraan, which contains verses that, except Islam, the religion which Muhammed Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam was sent with, all other religions and believes are false and null, and their followers will be in hellfire.

Allah Subahnahu Wa Taa'la, says in his verses, what the translation of the meaning thereof, would be as:

(And anybody desires a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be among those who have lost ) Surat Al-Imran –Verse 85.

• None of their factions are supported by real proof, that's in short.

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