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Monday 19 February 2024

Things That Invalidate The Wudhu (Ablution)


Salaamu Alaikum, I want to know the things that can spoil someone's ablution (i.e wudhu)?


Walaykum salaam.

Below are things that invalidates one's wudhu (ablution). And if any of these rules is committed one needs to perform another ablution.

1. Passing of excrement, urine or wind.

When someone passes urine and/or excrement, it becomes mandatory upon such person to remove the filthiness of these things before performing wudhu.

Clean water should be used for this purpose. The person may also resort to the use of certain dry objects, such as stones, dry wood or tissue to remove the filth. 

This is known as “Istijmaar”. While using these dry objects, it is preferable to use them in odd numbers, such as 3 or 5 etc., The person should ensure that no drops of urine of stains of foulness remain on his/her body or clothes.

2. However, in the case of persons afflicted with permanent wetting, or frequent passing of wind and women suffering from prolonged flows of blood, such persons are required to perform wudhu only once, immediately before the start of prayer.

Their wudhu would remain valid, even if the above problems occur, while that person is in the middle of prayer.

3. Eating of camel’s meat.

4. Sleeping, during which a person loses consciousness.

5. Loss of consciousness from insanity, fainting, etc.

6. Touching of sexual organs intentionally, directly and when naked or unclothed.

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